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Man U/Liverpool

Lt Kije

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With Man United posting an 80 Million Loss, and Liverpool about to be bought by another set of Americans, Just wondered what the Man United and Liverpool fans thought about Americans and Football, As far as I know Man U used to post profits, and everyone can see what has happened to Liverpool. :?:

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I think its leveredged buying thats the problem i.e. buying with debt and then loading debt onto the asset. Villa dont seem to having as much of an issue with a yank in charge (bar martin throwing his toys around).


NESV seem as good an option as any other investment company / assest management firm. So long as they dont move more debt onto us other than workign capital (circa ?25m) then i'll be happy. Investment int he stadia will come from a mortgage on the same (we all do it so why not a club) and money saved from interest payments will free up cash for the club.


I think utd will have similar problems if the debt remain unpaid. PIK's look frightening.

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At the end of the day I am a LUFC fan :D but I do not like what has happened to two great football clubs. :(


Liverpool have been ripped apart, and Man U are making Losses, they only managed not to make a loss last year as they sold Ronaldo, Who do they sell this time to make a profit. :?:

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early days yet.


H&G have admitted in court today that they breached the undertakings given to RBS to try to reconstitute the board. That gives them problems in that the baord was correctly constituted but then gives problems that the boards was oblidged to consider all "reasonable offers". Thats argument no2 which isnt as clear cut.


the national guardian paper are running a live commentry on their sports page. Worth a look. Judgment due later.

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