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US Military Hospital Appleton Park


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Haloo! anyone out there have any information regarding the US Military Hospital on Appleton Park just off Dudlows Green Rd during the second world war, I have uploaded an aerial shot taken in the early 1940s'. I have had it confirmed that it was so by an 88 years old retired farmer who lived in the Dingle area all his life until retirement although not in any detail.

Here is the link address:-


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Found the following:-

US camp at Stretton

Another group of anti aircraft guns were positioned in a field at Stretton. Later those guns were removed and the site turned into an army camp. American forces used the camp when they came into the war later on. These USA servicemen many times visited the local pub at London Bridge. Local kids were always pestering them for chewing gum. ?Any gum chum? was the favorite saying. They always came up with some. Once an American convoy of passed along London road in the direction of the camp and I felt something hit my leg. Glancing down I saw a packet of chewing gum still bouncing along the pavement. I looked up to see smiling soldiers peering out of one lorry. I waved my thanks which was returned smiles. Another time an American lorry trailer toppled over on Stockton Heath roundabout. The contents were scattered all over the road. They were supplies for the camp at Stretton. On one occasion a young American painter/artist soldier visited the London Bridge pub a few times. He had me sitting on the canal steps while he sketched me eating an apple. He even supplied the apple. I must have sat patiently for over an hour. I have often wondered if there is some famous painting in an American art gallery.

Credit to: BBC WW2 Peoples War

Author: Derek Lehrle


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