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absolutely stunning discovery .....


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A metal detector enthusiast in Cumbria has discovered a rare Roman bronze helmet complete with face-mask.


It is believed to be one of only three of its kind to be found in Britain.


The helmet would have been worn, possibly with colourful streamers attached, as a mark of excellence by Roman soldiers at sport parade.


Sold for ?2m today .....



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Top marks James for starting a thread about something that was nothing to do with you!


I'm seriously.


Btw, here's the story on the price tag, buyer not named:




I'm wondering though, if it would have fetched rather more if the finder had been an archaeologist and historian, rather than just a "metal detector enthusiast".


Stunning find though.

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Artur Pen Dragon was a British Leader against Anglo-Saxon immigration. The speculation is, that his body guard of "knights" could have derived from a unit of Sarmatian armoured cavalry, some of whom, would have stayed behind with their local families when the main Roman Army left. At the end of the day Kije, we're ALL related, but that doesn't mean you want all ypour relatives living with you! :wink:

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With over ?1 million being raised to try and buy it to ensure it was kept in this country in a museum I think it's terrible that an overseas buyer was allowed to buy it :evil: Providing he/she gets an export licence they can take it away for good.


Apparently if it had been made of silver/gold rather than bronze or had it been found with a hoard of other bronze it would have automatically become the property of the Crown under the Treasure Act of 1996 and protected as a "national treasure".


Bet the bloke who found it is glad it wasn't though... unless it was found with a hoard of other items and he threw them away :wink::lol:

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:shock: Even if it was silver or gold the finder would still have been compensated in full.

I have been through the treasure process with the Roman Silver Snake bracelet (remade as a cameo on Time Team) that was declared National Treasure in 2007 & currently i'm going through the same process with the Roman silver coin hoard i unearthed and an inquest will be held shortly where it is expected to be declared national treasure.


The Treasure process allows the finder/landowner to reject offers of reward if they feel it dosent reflect the real value of the find. Should all offers be rejected and the British museum return the artifacts to the finder then the finder has the right to approach the open market through auction houses etc ..... not an ideal situation.

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Indy from what you are saying then the status of 'national treasure trove' surely must very open to abuse if all you have to do is refuse finders compensation and then sell the 'treasure' on the open market.


Can't the British Museum refuse to hand it back to the finder if they continually refuse any amount offered ?


Who decides on the amount that an item is actually 'worth' and how do they value it if it only has historical value ?


Personally if I found anything special like roman coins or a bracelet I wouldn't tell anyone then :lol: I may take a photo of it and send it anonymously to the press/tv/museum and wait to see the reaction and then I'd just keep it safe and snug in a little tin named 'Dizzys Treasure Trove' where it would only come out to be loved and admired by me :D

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:shock: The British museum would keep hold of the items until the auction had taken place. However in the majority of cases the reward offered is fair. The value of the find is determined by a panel of experts known as 'The Treasure Valuation Committee. It is a consensus of at least three experts and their considered opinion on value.


I report all finds of importance as a matter of proceedure as its the history of the object and its historical value that i feel is important to all who have an interest in such items, whilst a reward is nice for finding such treasures its not the driving force behind my reseach, its more evidence in support of my theories that counts.... :shock:

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