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Everton Kit

Lt Kije

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:lol::lol: The pinks have a taxi service, a new wedding planning and supply service and also a new tv show created about their plight to succees in the making so why not sponsor a football kit too :lol:


Anyway 'real' men wear pink and it apparently shows that they have found their inner self and are happy about their dual sexuality... or something like that anyway... maybe it wasn't 'dual' though :wink::lol:


The colour pink by the way has a calming effect (maybe stops the red cards flying in a footy match and calms the other team down to a state of indifference in winning) and also when worn by a man it shows that he is confident (as you'd have to be to wear a girlie colour eh :wink: )............ not to mention it goes nicely with a lot of other colours oooh errrr :lol::lol:

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