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Graffiti removed from Cinnamon Brow Farm Club - what do

Geoffrey Settle

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For those of you who have passed by the Farm Club since Chrimbo you will have seen that the Brand New Fence and the wall of the snug were daubed with Blue spray paint by the Boytz.


Well the Farm Club memebers brushed out the graffiti on the fence but not the wall.


Whilst out canvassing and meeting the public last week I asked why it hadn't been paited over and offered to do it.


Sharon the manageress took me up on my offer and handed a big tin of paint - I though at the time that it didn't match and that it must turn a different colour when it gets dry.


No it doesn't so let me know what you think of the result and quality of work as I need a job :D .


There are now 4 colours on the wall BUT importantly NO Graffiti and even better the PCSO's have traced the culprit. Mind you he left his calling card on the Farm and a VAN and where he came from - duh...

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