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Sick of over hype on Chambers pre and post World Indoors 60 metres - especially after last night's 'silver medal' where he never had a cat in hell's chance of gold - drugged up or not and if I was Kim Collins of St Kitts and Nevis I would feel pig sick at being pipped for silver by a cheat whose drug enhanced muscle fall out from steriods or whatever is plain to see - as it was on out previous late developing gold medalist from 1992 who was only caught when he became a veteran. As for TV they couldn't even show us a shot let alone interview with our women's 60m silver medallist who broke long standing British record - and they had to show elimination of Myerscough, the Blackpool giant who also has a drug enhanced body and was banned for two years - will we finish up with A and B Olympics - for 'clean' athletes and 'cheats' ??

In the meantime, well done to RL testers for their results - just sorry it was a Wolves/Wires player who was positive while at the club.

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He did the crime - served his time....why is he getting so much attention when the GB team contains another athlete (field) who has also returned to the team after being banned for taking drugs.....all this focus on Chambers is turning rather vindictive. Where are all the people out in condemnation of this other athlete?


If the UK athletics committee don't like the rules then they need to have them changed....you cannot go and apply new rules retrospectively.


Common sense dictates that he should be used to teach new athletes about the dangers of drug taking and show them that cheating will affect your career. Instead of demonising him let's use him to some good? Jeez....even murderous heroin addicts don't get the abuse that Chambers is getting!

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HL.People don't like athletes (especially sprinters) who take performance enhancing drugs.

It is Chambers himself who is raising the profile. Myerscough? has kept a very low profile, and he was banned from representing his country last time round.

What sort of example does it set to youngsters just starting out? :roll:

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Carl Myerscough does't get any adverse publicity 'cos he fails to qualify beyond first round - if we havn't anyone better we shouldn't bother sending him - must have been half the events in Valencia with no Brit representative but we were still 4th on the medals table - as for sending Chambers around schools to show how bad drugs are - there may be some kids who aspire to the muscles he is left with. I blame Cycling for the sport which has left things in it's present mess across most sports - the first Tour cyclists proved positive were docked some penalty points and allowed to carry on - look what a mess the Tour has come to.



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