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Warrington Towns attendences


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In my opinion Warrington should be getting between 300-500 everyweek inside canteliver park this wont happen without promotion so why not link in with the wolves and say if you have a season ticket it intiles you to 50% off entry and start to charge for under 16's even it only ?1 it's ?20 odd extra every week as adsa say (every little helps)

what you think could be done to boost the crowds????


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pretty much the same here just advertise more and stick posters or leaflets just in local corner shops around warrington and the 50% off idea is good idea and just more publicising towards the club will bring it up alot more. we are the biggest town in the country not to have a team in the coca cola league (or somethin like that) so we need to sort it out oand im sure fans will help publisize (putting posters/flyers) up

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I can assure you all the above and more has been done over the past three years and attendances have steadily increased.

Two seasons ago in the Southern league many home games attracted only 70-80 fans.

Last year in the north we got the average up to about 120 and this year it has grown to over 160.

If the growth continues at the same rate we will be up where we need to be in another couple of seasons.

If we can manage a promotion next year you could probably double it over night with the increased away support.

Simply putting posters out doesn't make people suddenly come and watch a football match.

5,000 leaflets were delivered to houses in South Warrington with a less than one per cent return.

Allowing kids in free has been successful and this message is spreading.

The more successful the team becomes the more support will follow.

I will be out networking throughout the summer continuing to build on the fan base.

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