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Medieval Treasure unearthed today by Indy ...


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Join Archaeologist & Historian James Balme as he returns to the fields of Cheshire as Spring finally arrives for 2010. Even after 15 years of research across this ancient landscape James makes a discovery within minutes of arriving back at the ancient settlement.





A hammered silver coin is revealed in a great state of preservation and dating from the Early Medieval period of British History. Yet another exciting piece of the historic gigsaw of Cheshire has been recovered by James !!!


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What a great and interesting way to spend todays 'sunny' Sunday :D Certainly beats gardening and jet washing :lol


Indy... when you find your wonderful artfacts do you have to tell anyone and hand them over or are they yours to keep unless of course they are classed as 'treasure trove' material.


Fascinating stuff and you must get a lot of 'job satisfaction' from your work unlike most of us :wink:

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:) I report all important finds hun, I get to keep most of them unless declared Treasure and put in a museum, worth remembering that the coin featured in the film has remained buried for almost 800 years until revealed for the first time today, that coin was buried until a few hours ago, and yes a great satisfaction finding it !!! History revealed almost live !!
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