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Social mobility?


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Well the two main Parties are spinning their webs to catch a few votes next May, the latest topic being social mobility: Gordy's talking about "aspiration", while Dave's talking about higher qualified teachers. Well, can a "highly qualified" teacher actually control a class with both hands tied behind his/her back by PC rules - believe they can't even shout at a kid now! As for aspiration; kids from disfunctional Chav families do have aspirations - to either win the lottery or win the X-factor; and dumbing down education with Mickey Mouse degrees etc ain't doing our future economic competativness any favours either. Hows about: all kids at risk in Chav family enviroments are taken into care, and sent to Eton and Harrow - would that improve their social mobility? :?

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Teachers shouldn't have to "control" a class Observer, if parents instilled some discipline in to their children. Alas I sense that teaching has for many become just another job, given how teaching has been undermined, rather than a true vocation as it should be.


It is important that at the higher levels, teachers do have a degree in the subject that they primarily teach.


I noted with some amusement there were discussions regarding the class of degree that a teacher needed, I note that Carol Vorderman got a Third, from Cambridge.....interestingly in Engineering...guess she should have studied Mathematics. :wink::D

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I agree they "shouldn't" have to "control" a class Paul; but the fact is, in our deprived sink schools, we have kids who have no family culture of learning or dicipline, who are basically out of control and the normal traditional methods of controlling them are now banned. What you'll get, and indeed, what we've already got is; that the best teachers will gravitate towards the best schools with their middle-class intakes, while the sink schools continue to sink - thus making social mobility an illusion. My remark was tongue in cheek, but perhaps sending Chavs to Eton and Harrow, is the only way to break the cycle of ignorance and inequality of opportunity that ensures against social mobility - unless of course one wins the lottery or X-factor! :cry:

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