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EU PR Disaster

Paul Kennedy

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Daily Telegraph reports the following:


"Baroness Ashton, the newly appointed EU foreign minister who is also a European Commission vice-president, will pocket an extra ?9,000 on top of her basic annual salary of ?241,000.


Eurocrats will get the 3.7 per cent pay rise despite negative or near to zero rates of inflation across Europe, soaring unemployment, falling wages and austerity measures in most national public sectors.


Despite never having been elected to public office, Lady Ashton will now earn over ?52,000 more than Gordon Brown, the Prime Minister.


Unlike the Eurocrats, most British public sector workers, including front line doctors and nurses, are facing pay freezes as the government reins in public spending that has been bloated by bank bailouts.


EU officials, who already pay reduced taxes and who are currently demanding free travel on public transport, will get the pay increase, with six months paid retrospectively, in time to celebrate the New Year.


Meanwhile, average pay rises in Britain have fallen to one per cent, the lowest increase on record, as almost half of British firms have frozen their employees' pay.


Mats Persson, a spokesman for Open Europe think tank, said that already well paid officials needed to wake up to "what's happening outside the Brussels bubble"."


Unbelieveable. :x

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Paul, how do the British Conservatives hope to change an institution in which the majority of it's political class are corrupted by self interest, forcing Cameron to link up with far-right Parties who are in a minority? The only way is OUT - which may start a domino effect, cos the populations of other member states arn't too fond of the EU either. :wink:

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Another EU classic: remember how Tory Bliar gave up part of our rebate in return for a review of the Common Agricultural Policy? Well, the French have called the meeting to discuss it BUT, only those countries that benefit from the Policy have been invited; the UK, a net contributor, hasn't. :twisted:

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