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Bonus Culture?


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Well we've had the Bankers at it, the BBC execs are at it and now MOD civil servants are at it - it's the bonus culture. What ever happened to a fair days work for a fair days pay? IF there appears to be a requirement to bung a bonus at folk, doesn't that infer some lack of adequacy in basic pay levels in the first place? :?

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Here is a letter, published in the Telegraph, from the leader of the MOD civil servants union Prospect. This sheds some light on the bonus scheme.


SIR ? I write on behalf of more than 10,000 of the MoD civil servants you condemn for receiving modest bonuses this year.


These bonuses represent 2.8 per cent of the pay bill, removed from basic pay over the last eight years. This is in line with 20 years of government policy to increase use of performance pay in the Civil Service.


If civil servants did not do some MoD work, it would be done by military staff ? at twice the cost to the taxpayer.


Supply of military equipment is undertaken by teams of civil servants and military officers. Most teams are headed by military officers. If they are under-performing, blame the military hierarchy as well.


Steve Jary

National Secretary (Defence), Prospect

London SE1


There's usually 2 sides to every argument. :wink::wink:

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Ah the good old days.. at the 'nuclear type' place I used to work for we used to get a bonus every year. Not entirely sure what we used to get it for and it did vary but never the less it was a very welcome addition to the pay packet :D


There was also a smaller bonus that was paid if you hadn't been off sick for over a certain amount of days in the year and it was calculated pro rata so if you hadn't been off at all you got the maximum :D


One thing about working for yourself is that you loose such odd privileges :cry: but then again you have no one to answer too :D:wink: (other than the tax man of course :cry: )

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