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Six and a half years is a comparatively heavy sentence for someone who was sober, stopped at the scene and admitted everything. I honestly think he'd have got a bit less if he hadn't been a copper. What he did was bad, but it was poor judgement, not deliberate wickedness. By comparison, Luke McCormick, that goalie who ploughed up the motorway absolutely out of his skull and killed two children got seven years.

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:? Scuse me? I was talking about the policeman - and making the point that there are a great many civilians who were doing more than 56 in a 30 zone when they killed someone, were drunk at the time and tried to avoid punishment and STILL got less than six and a half years. I don't say he didn't deserve it, I simply say that he got no leniency because he was a copper - it worked against him.


When I made my post yours about the lodger wasn't there - as you can see from the times. As far as I am concerned, if he knew what was going on and did nothing, he's WORSE than the boyfriend. So is the mother in question. I can take on board that there are people who enjoy torturing children, sick as I find the idea, but my brain rebels at the idea of others who keep quiet and allow it. Line the three of them up and pass me the ammo. No worries. Might take me a while until they're dead. Sod their Human Rights.

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