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fa cup


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EXTREMELY dissappointing result. We dominated the game but were hopeless in front of goal missing at least half a dozen clear goal scoring chances, with the two strikers primarily the guilty ones. You could see things begin to change a couple of minutes before they scored. Losing a player and conceding a pen just rubbed salt in the wounds. Tony Evans goal mattered little at the end, and less when they got their third. It should never have come to that.


The most disappointing aspect is we chucked this one away. Definitely a case of us losing it rather than Radcliffe winning it, if you know what I mean. Matching our skillis against higher ranked opposition, not to mention financial benefit chucked in the skip.


I did say EXTREMELY dispappointed.


The pressure is on to recover against an in form Sheffield now. That won't be easy. Let's hope we can do it.

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I think what the Radcliffe fans just about sums it up!



After the match their Chairman Bernard Manning Junior told me he felt he had just robbed us of ?4.5K but was very happy to do so.

He admitted we were by far the better team but didn't take out chances.

We need to pull our socks up for Saturday now and make sure w ebank some money by beating Sheffield - which won't be easy.

Stick with us - everyone is working hard to bring a top footballing team to Warrington - but no one can control the bounce of a ball. :cry:

The Workington Scout also said he was happy to be playing Radcliffe instead of us as he believed we were a good footballing side who would have caused them a few problems.

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I think it is fair to say that last nights defeat was another case of the strikers trying to walk the ball into the back of the net instead of shooting!!


This has been the story of the season so far, and reverting to long ball tactics is not the answer. Ok in short spells of the game it is fine to give players a rest and play long ball but not constantly through the whole game. Town play so much better when they are passing the ball on the ground not in the air, they have proven this in previous games they have won this season.


Hopefully a win on Saturday will take away the disappointment of this defeat in the FA Cup

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home or away on Saturday?


Playing Sheffield at home in the FA Trophy, which is another big money game and it would be great to see as many people down at Cantilever Park on Saturday as possible as the whole club needs a big lift after last night's bitterly disappointing result.

But the facts are Town were never going to win the FA Cup, they hopefully can progress further in the Trophy and pick up a few quid on the way. :D

Sheffield are the oldest football club in the world and celebrated their unique milestone playing Brazil last year!


They will be no pushovers and well supported so lets make sure we can give them a warm welcome from the BARMY ARMY!

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I don't like blaming officials but the missed dead ringer penalty at home on Saturday and the one given against us when at least a yeard outside the box last night was a real kick in the teeth.

Having said that we should have had five or six goals last night and can only blame ourselves for failing to convert pressure into goals.

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