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Trip to Staffordshire anyone - Anglo Saxon style :)


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The largest ever find of anglo-saxon GOLD and SILVER artefacts (over 1,500 pieces) was unearthed in July by a metal detectorists (Terry Herbert) searching on his friends farm field in Staffordshire.


The treasure is expected to be worth a worth in the region of "a seven figure sum" with the money from it's sale going to the finder and landowner :shock: Not bad for 5 days work LUCKY BUGGERS :D:lol::cry:




Anyone got a metal detector I can borrow and do you know any farmers :D

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Guest tonymailman

You cannot put a price on finds like these they are priceless ! their value for both research and historical learning are far more important than any monetary unit ........ if you do it for money you are doing it for the wrong reason. A very significant find to add to all other Anglo-Saxon material, especially the highly important Sutton Hoo, Chesel Down and Benty Grange finds ........ money ? NO ! historical research and importance to our learning more of the past ? YES !

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What are the rules for finding and handing over 'important' finds?


I read that after Terry Herbert started to uncover the Staffordshire treasures he alerted the professionals who they took over the search.


So although some may say he and the farmer should not benefit from the sale of the items... it seems that they are not the people who are authenticating, selling or handing over the proceeds (or are they, I'm confused).


Am I right in thinking that if museums want them them they will have to BUY them... now that doesn't seem right :cry:


Guess it's an odd situation as not many people would ever be lucky enough to stumble across such a hoard of wonderful and somewhat priceless artefacts.


Maybe a monetary gesture of 'thanks' for being so honest to hand them over should suffice... allowing the museums to display them without the expense of buying them.


However if they are sold instead the vast majority of money should go to charities or other worthwhile causes :wink:


Unless of course I ever find any :lol::lol::lol:


... and on an even dafter note there are a lot of adverts on TV at the moment for 'sending off your unwanted gold for cash'... wonder how many free envelopes Mr Herbert would have needed :shock:

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