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The Divorce of Lady X 1938 film


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Tonight I watched a delicious, light, sophisticated, romantic comedy in Technicolor featuring the gorgeous Merle Oberon and the uber actor Lawrence Olivier.


But that is not why I'm posting. I'm posting to say that although London fog is legendary I had no idea it could bring traffic to a standstill and people could be forced to stay the night in a hotel unable to get to their homes. Really? That thick?

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at one time jerry it could get that bad. not so these days.


we used to get some really heavy fogs when i was a nipper, so bad that you would wonder if it was day or night it being so dark that you could not tell the difference.


it was due to all the coal fires and factories in the area and the fact warrington is in a bit of a dip in the landscape and close to the river and so the fog used to build up and linger sometimes for two or three days.


london was in a similar situation and got the famous fogs.


they were quite eerie as the fog tended to swallow up nay noise and so you had dark dreary days with little noise. they were very disorientating as well. you could get ten feet away from a building and then be totally lost in your own street.


great fun for us kids though, enabled no end of mischief :D


just realised when i read this that i am beginning to sound like a typical old fogie. " we ad proper fogs when i were a lad, not this sissy white stuff you get theses days" :lol::lol::lol:

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They used to call London, "the smoke"; due to the amount of smoke issueing from coal fired chimneys; in the North this was added to by factories. it was called "smog" :shock: If you covered your mouth with a handkerchief, the black particles would gather on it like a slime; it's a mystery that we all didn't die of lung cancer. :? Ah, the good old days! :wink:

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HA HA! The mail yesterday brought me a permanent DVD copy of Divorce of Lady X. Now I can enjoy watching Merle Oberon at age 27 for the rest of my life.


According to Wikipedia she was Welsh-Indian, born in Bombay. She had to hide her half caste origins and her mother had to pretend to be her maid. How odd.


Reminds me of another Welsh-Indian actress: Anna Kashfi. Anna's parents swear there is no Indian blood in their family, but, well, just look at her. My biology teacher once said, "it's a wise person who knows their own father."


Why Welsh? In both instances the parental line seemed full of Irish surnames. I know Welsh Brits aren't darker complected: Richard Burton, Anthony Hopkins, Tom Jones, well Jones does seem to have kinky hair and when he was first popular none of my friends could believe he was a white man. Hm.

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