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Head to head?


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Seems Mandy is raising the prospect of a Brown V Cameron TV debate - would it be of any use? :? Then would you include Clegg? Salmond? Farage? etc etc. :roll: Unlike the US, we do not directly elect our PM; what may be usefull is; if the folk that we do "directly elect" (our MPs and Councillors); had to attend a public debate in their constituencies! :shock::wink:

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I think you'll find that a 1-2-1 isnt allowed under current electroal represenation legislation. Only thign allowed woudl be that all parties .....yup that includes the BNP..... would be allowed access as well.


Remeber last election and Question Time? Had to have the three main leaders on separately to get round it.


Aint going to happen.

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Think we sussed that Adrian: Interesting that the guy who floated the idea (Lord Mandy); is now being touted as the next Leader of the Labour Party. :shock: Now this could be one "come back" too many for the "come back" kid; as he would have to resign his Noble status, and return to the Commons via a safe seat - still, in politics, the only consistency is expediency! :shock:

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