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Personal Data ?


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Originally posted by observer:

..... so ask for the form next time you register. :wink:

We all get these forms through the post don't we and the option to 'opt out' is on it so there is no need to ask.


I opted out about 3 years ago and once you've dont it you dont need to re-do it as it;s marked on your form. Suprised you didn't know that obs


It stops you being on things like the 'UK Info Disc' etc etc etc which is sold on to marketing companies and other 'agencies' :o showing your name, house number, address and contact details :o

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A good point, maybe that should be a question to respond to when updating over the phone. Mind you I guess if details are sold then the fewer people who opt out the better, so the motivation for offering that option will be reduced.


With regards to telephone updating there is a security number to tap in and I guess other than that, as with most systems, there is a reliance on trust and people's honesty....thankfully most people are honest and trustworthy. As I recall, the telephone update is for people already registered and it is really just to confirm that existing details are correct. At the time I had to include one of my sons then I had to complete and return the form....and the system works as he is now on the register along with his birth date.

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