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Another Inquiry.


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The PM has announced an Inquiry into the Iraq War, no doubt costing ?millions - will it be "public"? :? Will it address "the reasons" we went to war? :? Will it address the actions and motivations of those who made the decision, and if found to have acted improperly or illegally, to hold them to account? :? OR, will it just be another whitewash? :roll:

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In order to save time, effort & money, please find below my report on the matter....which Gordon B might like to adopt...I'll put my invoice in the post. :wink::)




By Cllr. Paul Kennedy BA (Hons).....First Class. :D


Evidence provided by WWW Forum and others.


George W aided and abetted by White House hawks decided that oil interests needed "protecting" the US needed to assert its influence in the Middle East and that Saddam was no longer of use....and he tried to have George Snr killed, and the best solution was a war.


Not a good idea to go it alone, so convince good mate Tony B that Saddam was up to no good and that he was a serious threat to the stability of the Middle East and the wider world, mentioning the T word and 9/11 as often as possible and an Iraq link. Best to downplay the US support for Iraq in its war with Iran, and make sure invoices for chemicals are destroyed.


No probs with getting US public and politicians on side, try and get UN and UK Parliament on side with some dodgy info, Tony B sorted Parliament, UN didn't work out, but not to worry go ahead anyway, just mention to a few of the objectors that US foreign aid will be cut back, so no more big Mercs, planes, foreign homes and big bank accounts in Switzerland. Sorted, French a bit of a thorn in the side, not to worry just drag up history...and tell Americans to stop calling chips "French" fries....and promote Californian wine.


Get loads of equipment and troops over to the area but always say war was not a certainty if Saddam toed the line, but keep provoking him with inspection requests. Once everything in place, give Saddam 48 hours to quit, knowing he wouldn't, get stuck in one minute after the 48 hours....let the international media know so that they can broadcast live the opening "shock & awe".


A few weeks later claim victory, Iraq collapses in to chaos, organise its rebuilding with massive contracts awarded to US companies out of Iraq oil money.


Can't find the weapons of mass distruction, and can't fly some in but not to worry Saddam has gone...somewhere, find him ASAP as he might get chatting to the press, bit of a pity the soldiers didn't kill him on sight ( no promotion for them then). Anyway get some trials organised followed by some hangings.....practice makes perfect as they say.


Bit more difficult to sort the country out than first envisaged, arrange some elections, hand over power ASAP and get out, handy that Afghanistan is next door....keeps transport costs down.


Main protagonists retire from politics and hope history will tell a kind story, but not to worry if it doesn't, a healthy bank account always helps.


PS I have to admit that I did believe Tony B...initially....'cos Prime Ministers only tell the truth don't they. :wink:

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VG summary Paul, and at a fraction of the cost to the tax-payer of this real Inquiry! :wink: Just one crucial point requires highlighting: IE the legal advice given by the Solicitor General in the morning, that was suddenly ammended later that same day - to the effect that a second UN resolution wasn't required to legitimise a pre-emptive invasion. :shock: From this crucial legal point stems the case for Bush and Bliar to be charged as war criminals - but no doubt this will be hair brushed out of the official history. :roll: btw. they've got two "historians" on the Inquiry team, which is an indication of it's real intent! :shock: Not being a "Judicial" Inquiry, it will have no powers of sopena, and thus will not be asking any awkward questions of witnesses - it's so fake, it's unbelievable - and we're letting them get away with it. :twisted:

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