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Rolando Bianchi


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Sven is close to making Reggina striker Rolando Bianchi his first signing for manchester city. He scored 18 goals in Serie A last season. just been watching his goals on youtube. looks like a good poacher, we need to sign some decent midfielders now to get him some service





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I had a look on youtube too, scored goals with left foot, right foot and head, looks like a more of a poacher though, we really need to sign some good midfielders to get him the service, could be a good signing!!!


The only worry I would have with signing someone like Nugent is that we have had our fingers burnt before with players like that (i.e. Jon Macken, Lee Bradbury,) players who look good at a lower level, we pay a lot of money for them, and then thay are pants


but then its always a gamble, brining someone from Italy may not work out, look at Corradi




Starting to look forward to next season now tho, should be interesting



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F.L.good player as his he is a short term fix and 6 million is a lot to invest in a 30 something player,still as i said earlier hopefuly Sven knows best,heard Defoe might come now that would be a good signing for the Blues and i would also like Crouchy from Liverpool and S.W.Phillips from Chelsea.Take up knitting indeed,dont you know under Pearce City fans were not allowed sharp pointy things or razor blades.

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