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Lt Kije

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British MEPs' salaries are set to rise 47% in real terms thanks to a change of rules (they will not be paying UK tax in future for example, but just 15%). Plus the generous expenses they receive this means they can become milionaires in 5 years with care. Nice work if you can talk the talk!! :cry::cry:

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Giving it away, I think you will find he is a Lord :wink:


OK so he gets something back for his trouble..... wouldn't you expect to get something in return for handing over millions of pounds? I mean old Roman has handed over billions and all he got was a few trophies and now he gets nothing back!! :lol:


Now then.... respond to the point about the MEP's expenses? :D

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They used to be paid the same as an MP but now all MEPs are to be paid the same, which is more, pay tax at 15%, plus they are to be paid in ? at the rate it was over 12 months ago and wer all know how the exchange rate has changed in the last 12 months. Oh and there is the small matter of the pay increase that MEPs have all rewarded themselves with. Pigs at the trough. :cry::cry:

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