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What are they worth?


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Not at all,I happen to think alot of people who go into polatics at a local leval do so because they think they can make a difference, I do not vote for Mr Kennedys party, but I respect the fact that he takes time to try and make a difference for the people of Warrington, its easy to kick a politician :wink:

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its easy to kick a politician :wink:


Well I would vote for it being an Olympic sport to be honest.....


we could have:


  • 100 metre politician kicking.... a politician is kicked around a 100 metre course.
    The triple jump (Formerly known as the hop, kick and jump!)
    400 metre hurdles..... kicking a politician around a track and then drop kick them over each hurdle for added points
    and finally the 4 x 400 metre kick.... a team of four take it in turns to kick a politician around a 1600 metre track...
    Extra points can be gained by the politician being either a Labour MP or one of those daft ones that like Europe.... Ken Clarke would be a great entrant!!


Well it may catch on!!

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