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One For Steve The Original.


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A number of years ago, a Geordie mate of mine was walking home through town one night after being out on the lash with his mate.


They had called into a chippy, and were walking along eating them when they were stopped by five yobs who demanded money off them.


1st mistake.


The mate was on leave, and was an unarmed combat instructor and a PTI instructor. He had also trained in four different martial arts 8)


2nd mistake.


This was an English born white person trying to imitate a Jamacian gangsta complete with all the daft street cred hand movements :roll:


3rd mistake.


Nothing infuriates the mate more than an English born white person trying to imitate a Jamaican gangsta (not proud enough to be English) :twisted:


So the mate says,

Okay, just hold me chips will you while I get my wallet? The numpty held the bag of chips for him.


The mate then says, RIGHT! You drop me chips on the floor and I?ll????kill ya.


He then slapped him all over the place, knocked two of the others out, and the rest suddenly became polite speaking English people again. And yes, the first one kept a firm grip on the bag of chips.


Luv It. Hahaaaaaaaa.

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now that reminds me of one of our bandsmen he?s quite small )5.5)but is a blackbelt martial arts expert and he?s good!! three guys in Canada tried to have a go at him because he was small and we stood back and laughed and told the canooks to take him as we ddnt like him either.. so they did....havent laughed so much in my life...




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