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Poor Relief

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Does anyone know any websites to do with poor Relief in Warrington, the year I am kind of looking at is about 1850's that is when my gr grandfather Michael Carey was born in Burtonwood Warrington.


His parents John Carey and Mary were born in Ireland, they emigrated to England and settled in Warrington, apparently if they had no money or very little they could apply for poor relief.


I am hoping if I can find out about poor relief in Warrington it may help me get more information on my gr gr grandparents.

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Warrington Poor Law Union was formed on 2nd February, 1837. Its operation was overseen by an elected Board of Guardians, 18 in number, representing its 15 constituent parishes or townships as listed below (figures in brackets indicate numbers of Guardians if more than one):


Lancashire: Burtonwood, Cuerdley, Golborne, Haydock; Houghton, Middletown and Arbury; Kenyon, Newton in Mackerfield, Penketh, Poulton with Fearnhead, Rixton with Glazebrook, Great Sankey, Southworth and Croft, Warrington (4), Woolstone with Martinscrofts, Winwick.

Later Addition: Little Sankey (from 1894).


Warrington workhouses



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Hi Marion,


Have you thought about writing to them and asking if they have any books that contain information? If they have then you might be able to request it via the inter-library loan from your local library.


Next time I'm in town I'll bob in and ask for you but I'm sure that there are a few people on this site who often visit the Town library and know it much better than me. I hope that they log on and browse this link.

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