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Who puts the 0-9 rating on the players on the website


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I suspect the person who did it wasn't even at the game this week! :roll::wink:


The person that did the ave was at the match 8):roll::wink::?


Il'll have to tell him he needs glasses - as it was only me who knew it was the number 3 and not the 2 who had been booked in the first half!!! :oops:

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whoever it is that is marking the lads performances on the website appears to watch different games to everyone else. and im glad that some of you seem to agree. how adam hunter and jamie holme can be given a 5 for there performance is anyones guess. the lads at the back in particular the new young lad, and i thought the 3 in the middle of the park had solid games. then again i dont mark scores!!

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