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Game meat?


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Are we eating enough of the protein running around our countyside or swimming in our rivers? :? Hugh Fearnley- Wittingthingy - noted that 1,000s of grey squirrels are being culled, meat that could be used; fish like Grayling is never on our menu. :shock: So should we broaden our horizons? :wink: I'm trying a rabbit this week - yummy! :wink:

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Seems like the eating of Grey Squirrels has been around for a while'


Back in 2006 a former Tory minister was promoting that celebrity chefs should use Grey Squrrel meat more.... even in school dinners :shock:


Will Britain go nuts over squirrel meat?

(30 March 2006 00:00)

Gastronomic interest in squirrels intensified this week after a peer in the House of Lords called on celebrity chefs and caterers to start putting the rodent on the menu.


Former Tory national heritage minister Lord Inglewood wants greys to become a dinner option to help the plight of native red squirrels, which are being wiped out by their more aggressive American cousins.


"What about celebrity chefs like Jamie Oliver promoting it for school dinners?" said Inglewood.


Craig James, head chef at Butlers Wharf Chop House and an advocate of squirrel meat, agreed. "If you're a game lover you only normally have a choice of pigeon, rabbit and hares at this time of year," he said. "But squirrel is a really tasty and affordable meat. If bird flu hits, squirrel's going to be huge."


Perhaps we're all eating it anyway but don't realise that we are :wink:


Watch out if a burger bar ever opens at Walton Gardens or your own local park :wink:

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