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Dr Ron Hill the legend

Geoffrey Settle

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Did anyone see Dr Ron Hill on the local news last night celebrating his 70th Birthday with a 5km run in Littleborough?


How has has manged to run ebery day of his life for the last 43 or so years is amazing? He is a true inspiration to many many runners in Warrington.


A lot of us old codgers have had the privilege to run with and gain help and advice from him but none of us have managed anywhere near his amazing consistency and continuity and he's still going strong.


He is definitely a running living Lengend :D

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Obviously not a follower of athletics wolfie - Ron's doctrate, appropriately from Manchester, is in textiles research - he was pioneer of the 'string vest' for marathon runners (but not female runners :shock: ) - won every marathon championship except Olympics in 1960s/70s. Also pioneered diet and altitude training research in long distance running. Has been known to hop on one leg for a mile when injured just to maintain his 'never missed a day's training' blog/slog. Understand he was aiming to have run a marathon in seventy diferent countries by time he reached 70th birthday this week - I think he had done 60 countries before his 60th. Perhaps you have some info on this target Geoff ??

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