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A vision for Warrington.


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So does that mean every household isn't getting a copy of Warrington's consultation it after all then :roll:


I've just had a look via the front page link (thans Gary et al) and although I was trying to be possitive for a change it's all so over the top and confusing that I can't see people bothering to read all the stuff let alone filling the questionnaire in :?:evil:


Although it's online that in itself infers that they are expecting people to specifically look for it, download it, read all 45 pages of the plan (or was it 54 I got bored) and fill it in :wink: ... although you can 'request' a paper copy :roll:


Will most people actually bother doing that (although obviously 'SOME' will who fully support it ) :wink::roll:


Did you read and understand a word of it or did you get bored of the technical twaddle after the first few pages too :wink:


Did you also look at the online questionnaire.. I did.... did you fill it in?... I didn't :cry: There are various statement followed by 'do you agree' but no tick boxes just boxes for comments(what comments as I didn't completely understand it all)


So after all my good intentions I didn't actually bother... maybe another day when I have more time on my hands :cry::roll:


Quite simply if it doesn't grab people's attention in the first 1-2 pages in a straight forward but exciting vision (and make us believe our views are important and that by replying we could make a difference in shaping of Warrington's future or other issues).... then I guess most of us probably just wont bother.


At least a consultation will have taken place though eh :cry:

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