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Woolston High School Closure - government response


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Sorry couldn't find the old threads relating to the closure of Woolston High to add this too.....


But there was an online petition a while ago on the '10 Downing Street' site which was promoted on here by the campaigners.


I signed it and have received the following response to the petition from our wonderfull and caring PM and his team. :roll: Says it all eh :lol: Nothing more than beating about the bush, stating the already obvious and ignoring to answer or personally comment on the actual point or issue being raised and of course shifting the blame onto the Warrington Local Authority who funnily enough blamed the government officers :wink:


Shouldn't laugh really but sometimes hard not to 8)


Tuesday 16 September 2008

Savewoolstonhigh - epetition response

We received a petition asking:


?We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to save Woolston High School.?


Details of Petition:


?Woolston Community High School provides a vibrant and stimulating environment in which to learn. we are so proud of our school and why we are striving to keep a High School in Woolston.?


? Read the petition

? Petitions homepage


Read the Government?s response


School place planning is the statutory responsibility of the local authority and each local authority has a responsibility to ensure there are sufficient school places to meet the needs of their communities, to secure high standards, diversity and increased opportunities for parental choice. The local authority must review the provision regularly.


Where the local authority proposes to make changes to local school provision they must publish statutory proposals which are then decided under local decision making arrangements. Ministers have no direct role in the process. The process involves five statutory stages: Consultation (with all interested parties); Publication (in a local newspaper, at the entrance to the school and in a conspicuous place in the area served by the school); Representations (allowing for comments and objections to be submitted); Decision (normally by the local authority); and Implementation (of the approved proposal).


In their role as decision maker the law requires the local authority (or where appropriate the schools adjudicator) to have regard to guidance issued by the Secretary of State when taking a decision on proposals. The guidance is clear that all cases must be considered on their individual merits taking into account the competing arguments. The guidance also sets out a range of factors which must be considered which includes: the impact on local standards and diversity; the need for school places in the area; the views of interested parties; cost effectiveness etc. More information on the decision making arrangements and guidance is available on the School Organisation Website at www.dcsf.gov.uk/schoolorg


You are probably aware that Warrington Local Authority, on 18 February, approved the proposal to close Woolston High School and for an increase in the admission number for both Birchwood and Padgate High Schools. The local authority is now under a duty to implement the proposals as approved.


The Government recognises that proposals to change local school provision can be very upsetting and unsettling for those involved and while decisions are taken at local level, we hope this response is helpful in explaining the process and how decisions are reached.

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I got that too after signing some time back.




it makes no refrence to the number of signatures, or that things may need to be reviewed in light of the public opposition.


basicaly it just reitterates facts already knew before the petition started.. yet more complete ignorance and arrogance from the powers supposidly there to represent us....no matter who they are, its not just a change of government we need its a change of system...where is the democracy we invade other countries tring to enforce.

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