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Why can't you......


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........tickle yourself ???


Strange question I know but I am really ticklish especially on my feet :shock:


If anyone dares touch my feet I turn into a wild raging idiot and will do anything at all to stop them, but having just had an itch on my foot it occurred to me that if I scratch or tickle my feet myself I am completely ok.


Another place I hate is anywhere near my neck or on my sides.... but still ok if I do it myself.


Go on... if you are ticklish... try and tickle yourself...... YOU CANT !!!


Why is this ?????

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Should have known I wouldn't get a sensible answer :roll::P


Just to clarify Obs..... your feet are things at the bottom end of your legs and have little things called toes attached to them. It is perfectly acceptable, even in public, to tickle feet and the only way it could possibly make you go blind is if it was my feet you were tickling in which case I'd poke your eyes out :lol::wink:

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