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Meet and Greet.


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Local Constables and the PCSO's will be at St. Werburgh's, Boswell Avenue on the 13th August.

From 2pm - 4pm.

This is an ideal opportunity to have an informal chat over tea and biscuits on what you, the residents, believe should be done to make our Community a safe and secure place to live.


Now is your chance to 'Have your say'. Come along on the 13th.


Latchford West Community in partnership with Cheshire Police.

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I'm not a resident of latchford as you can see, but I always get enraged that these schemes to develop/inform the comunity do not seem to cater for those of us who contribute in the form of working.

more the feckless none contributers to society.


maybe a more sociable time for all may have a better turnout.

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Are you saying that the Police, Residents associations dont meet at night round your way? The Police have an evening meeting at the Town Hall for thos who are working during the day.


This one follows on from one we had a while back on the Knutsford Rd side of Latchford.

It is something that the volunteers of the Community felt was important for the more vulnerable of our society to be able to attend in the daylight hours.

In fact most things these days are organised by volunteers.


If you feel that strongly about issues like this, perhaps you should join in whatever is going on in your area.


The "feckless" have done their bit, and probably contributed more to the country and society than any of you working today.

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Well around my way they have meetings at various times of the day. I think that you need to have both - in the evening for those working and during the day for the elderley, the mums who don't work and whose children are at school so can nip out.


It needs to be a balance and I'm sure that if you want an evening session then the police will be only too willing to arrange one.

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Spot on.

The reason in this case and the last one we held, was to cater for the vulnerable, so that they would feel comfortable coming out during the day.

As you say, these can also be held at night. All people need to do is get in touch and involved. That way their concerns can be discussed and dealt with.


If people don't show interest or express it, you have to run with what you think is the best option.

Not forgetting that apathy rules.

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