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On This Day in 1305


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Errm? :? William Wallace won the battle of Sterling Bridge in 1297, having observed that a portion of the English Army had crossed the bridge and could be defeated in detail, not allowing them room to deploy and the bridge limiting reinforcement. :shock: Wallace was defeated at the later battle of Falkirk, from whence he pursued a guerilla campaign for the next seven years, when he was betrayed into the hands of the English. :roll: Interestingly, Falkirk was the first battle of importance where the English longbow was used as the battle winning weapon; used to mow down the Scottish schiltrons, which were inpenetrable by English Knights. (Source: Battles in Britain 1066 - 1547. William Seymour). :wink:

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Not the TV - I consulted my library! :wink: The English at Falkirk had 2,500 knights, 1,000 Cheshire and Lancashire archers and 10,000 Welsh longbowmen - some firepower there! :shock: The Scottish schiltron could contain a dense formation of around 1,500 men, presenting an inpenetrable barrier of spearpoints. :shock: The English failiure at Sterling Bridge and later at Bannockburn, was due to tactical incompetance, rather than the inherent superiority of their troop and weapon types. :wink:

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