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Licence to kill?


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again moronic solutions to make issues more complex.


which will result in more murders if anything by people knowing they can use this as an excuse, while those realy suffering get no help before resorting to extreem measures.


of course better support for people to get away from abusive relationships....and even better a change to divorce laws which would allow no-blame breakups and people to simply dissolve marraiges without getting courts and lawyers involved would never cross their tiny little minds.

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Ah, but what's interesting about this latest half-baked gem is it's sexist nature: seems a female can be justified in killing her partner after years of physical and even verbal abuse; BUT not the other way round; which speaks volumes about the nature of the current make up of Parliament! :wink:

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yep, add this to pre menstral stress or post menstral stress or mid menstral stress or post maternal stress or menapaus you get that they have an excuse to pretty much kill us at will.


just more ammo against the average white english male being the only species that is not allowed to take offence or feel in anyway victimised by any other class of human being.


even the menapause...women get the inoffensive "change of life" a sweet sounding harmonic natural event, that brings a woman to a harmonic maturity..

us blokes however get it and its "mid-life crisis" where we are aparently just being dicks worrying about the loss of hair and need to buy boys toys! and find a young bird to massage our ego.


hey but point out this injustice and were just being wimps!

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