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Postmark Warrington Lancs & Cheshire on same envelop


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Found this in my collection of tat and thought someone might like to see it.


It is from the 7th April 1975; the date I believe that Warrington left Lancashire and became part of Cheshire....


I think it came from an old postal worker because even though it is stamped, it isn't addressed to anyone!!





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If i remember rightly the top postmark is one made by a franking machine which is automatic and the lower one is from hand to cancel the the Stamp that isnt where its supposed to be (top right hand side) which the franking machine would normaly of canceled that stamp..


Interesting to see that they used the old franking machine(cheshire) then handstamped stamp with Lancs on it..


No idea who it was addressed to?? maybe the florist shop as an SAE??



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I think it is part of a collection made by a post office worker in Warrington. I have loads of just envelopes with special stamps on like 1st man on the moon... 50 years of Forth Road bridge etc.


A chap called T Downes features as a name on some of the envelopes but a lot are just a stamp and the postmark



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