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NHS under siege ?

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Our dental services are apparently under siege, and one look at that queue in Bristol, should tell you why.  At least 50% were clearly ethnic minorities, probably immigrants who haven't paid into the system, but now dominate demand.  It's clear that the Con/Lib/Lab uni party are not going to do anything about it, and thus allow broken Britain to fester.    😠

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1 hour ago, Observer II said:

I believe the evidence of my own eyes; the queue in Bristol shown on MS news, clearly shows  a large number of ethnics, at least 50%.    😑

Your eyes, have you any teeth left??, and you definitely need your eyes tested, why don't you look at what the dentists are actually saying, they say it is government under founding

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23 minutes ago, Observer II said:

Like housing, if population increases, so does demand, and if capacity hasn't been planned in, the system won't cope.    :rolleyes:

We have a shortage of houses to keep house prices high, nothing more, its all about profit

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49 minutes ago, Observer II said:

There are plenty that are empty for long periods,  which could be used to house indigenous British homeless folk,  but Councils are looking for ways to accomodate the poor migrants.   😠

are they, or are these houses going to be for everyone, councils give houses out based on need if you care to look

Here's how Warrington do it


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