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Trooping the Colour -

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The British Army doing what the British Army does well,  performing a ceremony on the King's Birthday that has it's origins in Centuries of tradition.   However, it seems  the Army is to deploy a woke wrecking ball in the form of a Female Officer on a six figure salary, who will be changing titles and terminology to fit our modern diverse era.   Such as,  rank titles, Guardsman, Craftsman will have to be gender neutralised;  and Colour Sergeant cleared of racist undertones.   Of course "colour" in this context has nothing to do with colour in it's racist conotation, but refers to the Regimental Flag, refered to as the Colour, which is trooped  in front of he Regiment, so that every soldier can recognise it in the heat of battle and thus rally around it as needed.  Such is the state of the Nation, it's history and traditions.     😠

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