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Elections ?

Observer II

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I think Prof Curtiss summed up the result quite well, by saying that, rather than Labour winning, it would be more accurate to describe these elections as Conservatives losing.  Clearly, most of those "leave" voters who gave the Tories a 70 seat majority in 2019,  just didn't bother voting.   Let down by a Tory Gov that has failed to deliver on Brexit, failed to stop illegal immigration and is allowing the civil service to sabotage the Gov;  so they are not getting what they voted for.   The tragedy is that the lefty alternative would be even worse, with a Leader who drops pledges at the drop of a hat, hasn't got a manifesto that can be afforded and will likely bring the indecision of the pre-2019 hung parliament back.   So the basic message for the Tories is to get a grip or lose.      😠

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How anyone can have any respect or trust in Starmer is beyond me; he hasn't come up with any sustainable policies or plans, and merely reacts to the latest opinion polls and changes to suit.   From trying to appeal to the woke University generation with nonsense about not being able to define what a woman is, he's now denying any aspiration to reverse Brexit or enter packs with the LibDems, which will probably be the case in a hung parliament It could of course be worse if desperation to get into No10 causes him to link with the SNP and another IndyRef, chancing the break up of the UK.  The decline of the UK, seems to match the decline in our political class, with next to none governed by conviction, just personal ambition and self interest.    😠

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