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The decline and fall.

Observer II

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Of the US Empire. It may not seen it at close range today, but in a broader historical perspective what we're now seeing with the collective West, and in particular the Anglosphere, is a steep moral decline reminicent of that of the Roman Empire.   The internal moral cancer of political correctness and identity politics, the grubby self interest and corruption of our politicians, failing to address the interests and concerns of the Plebs is apparent.   Economies are  tanking,  bringing  a downward spiral in the living standards of the average plebian, while our Patrician elite bath in hypocracy, by circumventing all the dictates on enviromental  dictates they impose on us.  Meanwhile, from the East, and the deep South, the barbarians are entering our Empire unchallenged, entering our Towns and Cities, to infest them like some rotten social virus.  Now with actual war on the eastern horizon, we're finding that we haven't the military and economic capacity to defend ourselves. This may prove a blessing, as regime change imposed from outside may be our only salvation, from sinking into anarchy.     💀

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