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Liberal Motivation -

Observer II

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We think we have it bad with the channel invasion, but the immigrant assault on the US southern border is in the millions.   Trump brought in a law to allow immediate turn round of entrants, as a precaution during the pandemic, but that is due to expire and is not being continued by the Biden Administration, which effectively opens the flood gates.  An interview with Biden, when he was Vice President, gives the game away; in which he boasted of the expectation that the US Anglo-Saxon majority would become a minority, This seems to explain the weird motivation of woke liberalism contributing to current global upheaval.     :rolleyes:

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Meanwhile, back in the UK, we have lefty liberal Labour complaining that the Met Police are not fit for purpose, primarily because of an alleged poor record in prosecuting rape cases, but at the same time fighting tooth and nail to import boat loads of testosteroned  young men illegally into the Country.  Blaming Gov, when the man responsible for the Met is the Labour Mayor of London,  more interested in PC PC's that dance along with LGBT protesters and fail to clear save oil nutters from blocking our roads. Crazy. 😠

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