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Words from Warrington


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How many more words can you come up with from the letters in the word Warrington?


My list


war; warring; wart; want; wing; wring

art; air; ant; ago; argon

ring; rang; rain; rant; rat; ratio; ration; raw; rota; row; rowan

inn; ingot

nit; not; nor

gnaw; gnat; gin; grin; grant; groat; goat

tan; tang; tar; tin; twin; ton; torn; tong; toning; town; train

own; owing; oar; oat



Any anagrams? I've got "groinn wart", I'm sure you can do better.

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warn; warning; worn; wrong; wig; wanton; wag; writ; wait; wain;

groan; grown; grow; grit; grain; gait;

two; tora; tine; ting; taro; tare; tow; towing; toga;

into; ion; iron;

narrow; narrowing;

arrow; awning;

rot; riot; rag; rig; roan; roar; roaring;



(in on it to no at an) but they don't really count do they?

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Kate, Is a proper name a word? In the city of Downey in Los Angeles County, there is a street named: ARRINGTON. Every time I pass it I wonder how it got that name. Did someone forget to copy the W when they name it? Oh, I'll go to the 'net now and see if it knows.

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There seems to be a prominent businessman here named Michael Arrington, but it addition there's a website for the Arrington Coat of Arms, and says the name is from a village in Cambridgeshire. The Arrington family is creating a family tree to it.

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