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Arpley Station


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I'm currently planning a model railway layout based on Arpley station and the surrounding railway yard as it was in 1958.

I have a number of photos from railway books and others viewed on the net but am very interested in finding out more about the site in the late 50s and early 60s.

Arpley Station closed in 1958 but the building remained at least until 1966.

I'm looking for details of local freight workings to the many factory sidings in the area such as :Faircloughs,Gartons,Crosfields,Rubery Owens,Thames Board,Monks Hall to name but a few.

Any information truly gratefully received



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This wont help you Ron but it may make you smile. Not a million years ago I tried to book a return from Reading in Berkshire to Warrington, a trip that I used to make on a regular basis. In this instance however, the price seemed to have jumped by a huge amount. ?No way on earth has the price jumped that much? I told the bloke but he then showed me the official price as printed in the newly revised British rail price list and sure enough the price was right for Reading to Warrington Arpley Street.


When I said there?s no such station and the main station is Bank Quay he said ?Ah yes Bank Quay. That looks like a much cheaper option!? I remember telling this story to one of the staff at Bank Quay and they said I should have got the ticket on the proviso that they could guarantee they would take me there. :)

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