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MSM silence -

Observer II

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You can be forgiven for being out of touch with events in this country, such as the numbers crossing the channel, the activities of grooming gangs in Bradford, or the looting riots in London, and now the Indu V Muslim gang warfare in Leicster .     The woke elite have fed us on a diet of "diversity",  but the reality is one of division, between various groups based on ethnicity, religion and culture.   The reality of immigration is one of various groups seeking out people of their own background, which results in gettos rather than assimilation into the main stream.  The Queen's funeral has demonstrated the complete absence of "minority" groups from the mainstream and a refusal to assimilate into the wider existing Anglo-Saxon culture, they are more interested in events in their countries of origin, hence ready protests at events around the world.  The latest riots, suppressed by the MSM, in Leicester have occured between Hindus and Muslims, over such issues as Kashmir, and our woke Police and Politicians have to tread carefully in order to avoid being accused of racism, as the race card is pulled to excuse criminal activity.   Such are the consequences of unabated immigration and the promotion of "diversity"  in our new woke Utopia.      :rolleyes:

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