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Behind the curve - again.

Observer II

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Having been led by events over Covid, HMG is now lagging behind events over the energy crisis;  a crisis of our own making.   BoJo appeals for us to blame Putin, but it is Western Governments that imposed these sanctions that have now backfired, to produce an economic crisis that will dwarf the pandemic.  😠

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Truss has correctly identified that the energy crisis is a supply side issue, and has promised to create self sufficiency in energy for the UK. Fine, but the energy producers are now geared up to wind down fossil fuels and wind up wind and solar at an additional cost, and proven unreliability.  With a mass of green legislation commiting us to net zero by 2050,  she will require overiding legislation to avoid law suits by the green lobby, sabotaging any efforts to open up our N/SEA assets and increase storage capacity.   This will no doubt trigger the middle class nerds, who can afford additional energy costs, but might save the working class plebs from destitution.    😠

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