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"Rail disaster averted"


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Well, I suppose it's a bit less hyperbole than "Major train crash averted" in another publication, but honestly, given that drivers were warned and there are no reports of trains skidding to a halt with only metres to spare, it does sound like a touch of the am-drams. I guess it might be the BTP press office to blame: there have been a few incidents in the area, but I haven't heard about them apprehending anyone yet, so perhaps they are upping the rhetoric to try and get witnesses.


Dropping items onto a railway is a very dangerous thing, and we should find and stop those responsible. Not only for the sake of the driver and the passengers, but also because the fools who do it probably don't realise how much trouble they could get into. If anyone was injured they would be facing potential manslaughter charges, and in my opinion should probably be facing attempted murder.


A three foot concrete section of lamp post is a big item, but trains are quite heavy and tend to ram into obstacles rather than go coming off the rails. Not only that, but as any fule no, the gap between the rails is 4' 8 1/2 " so there's a fair chance that this item wouldn't have landed on the rails anyway.


Anyway: it's a serious issue, but the local press seem to be sexing it up a bit too much.

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