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Where's Russ?


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Will this carry on for the next 12 months? I know Steven Broomhead goes missing all the time whenever there's a problematic issue that needs a public statement. Keeps Alan Spokesman in a job I suppose. Although I doubt he likes being elbowed aside quite so vigorously by the Leader and (Interim) Chief Exec whenever there's a photo opp or an award to be won.  

But is Russ Bowden really going to stay in hiding for a whole year while keeping the Leader moniker?



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On 2/3/2022 at 7:38 AM, Evil Sid said:

perhaps he is still "helping with inquiries".......🕵️‍♂️

We know the answer now. He was lying low and has now re-emerged acting as if nothing has happened. Actually that's not far enough. Not only did none of it happen, it was the right thing to do. Usual Doublethink. So the council's investment strategy is generating 25 million a year, if you ignore the possible £68 million it recently lost in the space of a few weeks plus the cost of repaying the loans it took out to waste that money. And he definitely isn't facing trial for electoral fraud. 

BTW, we learn the council spends £157,000 a year with The Guardian - although it may be higher if individual spends of under £500 are included. Explains a few things about media coverage of certain issues. 

If Mr Bowden or Mr Broomhead read this, I'd like to reassure them that I am able to make this statement because I actually do have an alternative budget and investment strategy to theirs. It was approved in a closed session and I can't share it with them because it's commercially confidential. So now if they want to disagree with me, they'll have to come up with an alternative to the plan I can't share with them. 

Above is a picture of the ratifying committee for the plan I drew up in camera


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