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Fantasy Football - the final placings!


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Congratulations to Adrian on winning our fantasy football mini league - unfortunately he didn't have enough belief in his ability to put any money in the kitty - so the prize fund - ?160 was won by --- ME!! :D


The full results were:

1 Adrian Rowland Torres Toreadors 83 46 508

2 Gary Skentelbery Gazza's Barmy Army 94 47 505

3 Mike Oakes The Fuds 74 59 492

4 Neil Black MANKIPOO 65 66 489

5 bob shaw bob city 92 52 476

6 Paul Walker Mouser's Marauders 86 45 460

7 Tom Oakes fantasy league XI 52 63 434

8 paul reid Magnificent eleven 74 59 430

9 Gra Sherratt UncleJoesMintyMen 66 51 427

10 John Fisher Fisher's Flops 50 67 425

11 Peter Turner Latchford Mancs. 72 49 406

12 Janet Skentelbery worldwide wanderers 57 43 376

13 Michael Summers Football Factory 58 39 375

14 Enos Harris Rocks Factory 52 46 343

15 karen baker The Warlords 38 48 323

16 James Balme Making History 38 46 252


Will keep you posted on next season's competition. You can enter for fun and if you put ?40 in the kitty the one one who finishes nearest the top who has contributed to the funds wins the prize.

Unlike other leagues the one who finished 2nd gets the dosh!


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I'd like to thank Fenando for the 24 that kept me in it and the surprises like Lescott etc who perfomed over and above expectations.


I will of course be back to defend my title next season. To me its more about the winning than the financial rewards. No one remembers who came second......




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The people who put the money in certainly will! :lol:

The phrase put your money where your mouth is comes to mind! :wink:

This is the second season I have come runner up! :oops:

So overall , over the past two seasons I am the most consistent performer - and if it hadn't been for my slip up when I dropped Ronaldo coz he was reported injured and then he played and scored a hat-trick - I would have stuffed everyone!

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