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FA Cup

Latchford Locks

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I remember as a young lad that the FA Cup was the highlight of the season and everyone of Baby Boomer age could recite the years and Winners /Runners Up and score for year after year after year by heart...

Boyhood dreams evolved around walking out at Wembley playing for your local team.

I really feel that the demise of The Twin Towers and old stadium led to a loss of glamour(It certainly did for Rugby League) and sadly now it's just a BBC slot filler with little media interest.Very sad :-(

Also playing both semi finals at Wembley definitely removed the Wonderful achievement of playing in a final at Wembley a once in a year occasion,now any finalist and their fans would already have been there a few weeks prior to the final.


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As I grew into a young man in Latchford it was not of case of are you going to the RL cup final this season?

More a case of which pub trip are you going on !

Money was paid in each week and on the big weekend everything was paid for !

From beer and butties on the way down to ticket and overnight accommodation. what a wonderful occasion to look forward to for weeks before!!!

Now sadly not only are there no trips there are no pubs either.😒

What a sad thing that this generation is missing out on such rich memories

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