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SNP plays politics with Covid -

Observer II

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Seems Mzz Krankie's latest attempt to undermine the Union has crashed completely.   The SNP tried to win public support with the idea of a tax break of £500 for NHS workers, believing it would place Boris in a bad light.  Now a Scottish Financial think tank, has shot their fox, by announcing that the Scottish Gov have the taxation powers to provide such an initiative themselves.   Perhaps the SNP should remember their National Poet - "Oh what a tangled web we weave; when first we practise to deceive".      😉

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Time to put a Scots Independence referendum to bed ?   It would seem time for Boris to introduce a referendum Bill, detailing the conditions for all future referendums.   It should specify a once in a generation time period between such referenda, which would mean Scotland wouldn't  have another until at least 2044.   It should also spell out a requirement for a two thirds majority for victory.   With Labour support,  this should pass through Parliament with ease and finally put the whole issue to bed.     :unsure:

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As the liberal press go into meltdown over the Brexit Deal, the opposition Parties have to decide whether a deal is better than no deal.   The SNP and Lib Dems will vote against the deal, which means they are supporting no deal, and thus all the ravages that they say will accrue from no deal; Labour will vote for a deal that they claim is threadbare.   So finally, after over four years the will of the majority will be finally delivered, or rather almost delivered.  We still have 5 years to claim back our fishing grounds, providing the Gov bolster our fishing fleet to realise it.  However, a future Labour Gov would no doubt undo any benefits by recanting on fishing and immigration; so perhaps a referendum bill is required before the next election.     :unsure:

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