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Elwell family


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Can remember a donald elwell from alcard street but could not say if he or anybody of the family still live in the area.

I lived and grew up in wilson street until i got married in the 70's

When i was around six or seven we moved across the street and our back yard was the one on the corner behind your parents off license.

if i can get in touch with my sister i will ask her as she tends to know that sort of information.


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Not been able to get hold of her yet. been busy with brothers hospital visits but will try today she was supposed to come over but not sure if she is still self isolating or not.

Will have a look through my collection of pictures to see if i have anything. Not an easy task as over the last fifty odd years i have amassed quite a collection and i those days cameras were classed as a luxury item.

The only Dougie i remember from then was actually Douglas Fairbanks, yes that was his name, his family had a couple of harlequin great deans which he took for a walk. funny really as they were taller than him  when he was between them he could not be seen.

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Managed to speak to my sister who seems to think that donald was either ernies son or his youngest brother.

She also seems to think that they were the owners of elwells scaffolding firm in warrington.

The only people that she can remember running that off-license was a family called moors whose son was called chris.

spoke to my younger brother as well and he has it in his head that the person that ran the offlicense beofre the moors took over was an elwell. how correct that is though is open to question.

still working on any photo's but that may take a while

There is a donald elwell on face book that my sister swears is the one from alcard street. i would not know as my facial recognition is only slightly better than my memory for names.( which is none existant at times).

hope this helps in your search.


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Good to hear from you, many thanks for the reply and info'.  Thanks also to your sister and brother.  My parents Edna and Walter Peck owned the off licence for 30 years and would have been there over WW2 period.  Several GI's from Burtonwood air base became friends with my parents and "left" from the house to get married.  My parents sold the off licence in the early 1960's and moved to Stockton Heath, dad died around a year after retiring!  I married a Liverpool girl in 1972 and we emigrated to Australia.  We have two adult children and 4 grand children.  I also think that the Elwells owned a scaffolding company but my attempts to find then via that route have failed.  A couple of years ago I started to work on family trees.  It helps keep my brain active. Whilst looking into Mum & Dad's life my time in Folly Lane popped into my head and then so did a vague memory of the Elwells!


All the best

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Good luck in your endeavours.

Did you try looking on facebook for donald elwell. i think there are a few listed on there.

I was born in 1957 and my parents lived in wilson street. they moved across the road to number 11 when i was about seven or eight. The back of that house was the corner of the back entry where the off license was in alcard street. as a kid growing up we used it as the goals for football.

Do remember there was  a polish guy lived in the house on the other corner, he used to hate it when the ball hit his wall and would occasionally give chase with a meat cleaver.

Have only found one picture from around there so far and it is one of my mum on my first real motorbike in the mid seventies. but i will keep looking.

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Sid, I sent Don a message via Facebook and hopefully he will reply soon.  We ae still in a state of lock down here, so much so that we have not seen our daughter for over 8 months. The State government is to announce some chages to restrictions today so fingers crossed we can see family

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i remember having one there where we thought somebody was throwing bangers on it, the firework kind not the meat kind, as there were loud bangs coming from the fire occasionally. It was only  the next day that we found out the kerb stones were getting too hot and exploding.

Also remember the trains rumbling past at all hours of the night the engine glowing as it passed. some of those trains seemed to go on for hours yet never seemed to bother people with the noise, funny what you get used to.

we are just starting a period of extra measures in Warrington with the rise in the infection rate. Not lock down as such but i have a feeling that if the rate does not go down we will be back to total shutdown again. it is so bad that earlier this week i attended a funeral via a webcast rather than in person a strange experience.

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Sid: So far no reply from Don but not everybody regularly looks at the messages on their computer! New regulations allows us to meet a few people out doors. I had a lovely 1.5 hours yesterday in the park chatting to a friend, simple pleasures. It looks like much stricter lock downs will occur in the UK.  Whilst it's very ordinary living with restrictions it does work in reducing infections.  Take care

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latest measures for warington are on the banner on this news website.

no visitors in the house, bliss, means mrs sids mates don't come round for a natter for three hours.

( it's those silences when i put in the occasional appearance and that loook that says "go away we are talking" even though i live there)👀

no more than six to meet up. Not a problem as i don't know more than three people in the whole street and most of the people i do know are from bowls or domino's (the game not the pizza)

Also means that i do not get visits from my sister. It's not that i don't like her, but she is a bit of a doom and gloom merchant. Her conversation usually runs to who is at deaths door and who is inside admiring the hat stand in the hall. (i suspect her favourite reading is the obituary pages)...⚰️

Oh well life goes on, usually whilst i am making plans that have a habit of being disrupted in the initial planning stage.

Take care yourself and again good luck with the search.

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