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Man U - Chelsea brawl

James P

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Thought I'd bring it up seenas nobody else has! Firstly, why is the cctv footage in fast forward?! Seems a rather strange system to me?! :? I thought it was also funny how there has been pundit-wide condemnation for William Gallas' tantrum V birmingham and how that is not "captain behaviour", yet when the England captain kicks doors en route to the dressing room and volleys female ground staff, not a lot of fuss is made?! :roll: any way the two games this week will make for compulsive viewing, even though they probably won't thrilling games

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Haha, other than the fact the ?130,000 a week "star" dug deep into his wallet to fork out for a bunch of flowers for the lady :roll: Supose we shouldn't expect anything less from the ?4,000 to come on the Christmas doo organiser :x What's your thinking for tonight's game Peter? rekon you'll be applying for a visa?

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It will depend whether the "new" tinkerman has stopped tinkering.The last couple of games have been abysmal, and to rely on the last two games against lesser teams to be two wins is a huge gamble. At this time of the season, lower teams are playing their best fighting football.


How is it that these "superfit" and highly paid sportsman need to be rested?


If business is back to normal, 2-o to United.

Just hope Vidic is playing.

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