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I was quite surprised as how quiet the roads and shops were today if I'm honest...but I think luck must have been on our side as the places we went said it had been manic until then.  Maybe word had somehow got out just how grumpy and irate Mr Dizzy gets when when he is forced to come shopping with me.   Seems luck or (or more like  peoples fear of having to be in the same store as him) worked a treat for us then then :blink::lol:

I've not told him yet that we forgot lots of stuff cos I lost my shopping list on our travels though so we will have to go again ha ha !!!

If he thinks today was bad goodness knows how he will cope with tomorrow or xmas eve roads and shopping madness and quesues.

The way I look at it though is that everone's in the same boat.  If we are stuck on a road with traffic then everyone in front and behind of us is too and we are all equal and  to blame as we are all going the same way for whatever reason.

Same with shops and queues....we all all in there for a reason so it's still nobodys elses fault if it's busy etc as we are all part of the problem and causing it by being there ourselves and adding to the  mayhem.

Thank goodness Xmas only happens once a year eh :lol:

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